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SGS a.k.a. She Go Solo Travel, LLC. is a luxury travel company designed with the pure intention of helping women own their independence. It's not all about going 'solo' as it is just about 'going'. Go! Alone or with someone, just go! 


Solo traveling has grown popular over the years. But let's admit, it's not for the faint at heart. It can be quite intimidating and just straight scary! But it doesn't have to be. The world is such a huge place, and even though the majority of people will never see it for all it's worth in one lifetime - you can still "try" to see some of it without waiting on others to join you.


Meaningful travel is merely more than a vacation. It helps expand your horizons - to dream bigger - learn new cultures - network and build relationships. Traveling is an investment you make for yourself to see this beautiful God-created planet. 


Erika Bradford has been a quiet wild-child from birth. Introvert and heart, but extrovert in adventure. Erika has traveled for almost a decade solo - her mother, family & friends never knew where she was off to next! Almost giving her mother anxiety attacks (lol) as she flew off to Paris, California or the Islands just because she needed to go and see the world!!! Now that she's in her 30's, she realized a lot of her adventures were frivolous and perhaps immature, but she wouldn't trade it for anything. It has made her much wiser and aware of how to navigate the world at her finger tips.

That's why she became a travel agent and started her own company; to help women like herself to stay aware of how to travel smart. So instead of just jumping all in and not knowing what the heck to do when you land in a foreign about you travel with a group first and gain your bearings!

Erika is a millennial serial entrepreneur. She owns and operates SGS Travel Co., KIP Design Firm and The Branding Therapist® and Erika Denise Ministries. She treats people the way she wants to be treated, which means if you book a vacation, a session, or have lunch...she will go over and beyond to make sure you feel like royalty. Don't take our word for it...see for yourself!


We realize at SGS that it's a lot to plan for a huge week-long trip. The investment, the shopping, packing, and getting all your things in order before you get on that plane and began enjoying your vacation is a lofty task...

So we decided to offer our guests something on a much smaller scale on top of our grand experiences. What about a simple 3-4 day weekend getaway to a local town on a quick plane, train or car ride?

SGS Weekend Getaways will give you the opportunity to travel on weekends throughout the months for a quick break. We'll be one step ahead of you when you feel like you just need to getaway for a few days...

Our SGS Luxury Members will have the luxury of being an A-Lister: they'll be the first to know of our upcoming weekends getaways. All our other guests will get a chance to be spaces available. 

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