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The go-to source for inspiration, empowerment, and global experiences for the sophisticated woman.
Image by Wisma Urcine

When you vacation with SGS, you’re much more than an average individual.

The sophisticated woman deserves to have the red carpet rolled out with every step she takes - and that's the type of treatment you'll receive here.

We are committed to delivering remarkable vacations and experiences that keep you coming back, trip after trip, year after year. Leaving you speechless, empowered and richer in cultural connections.

The SGS Difference
Share Experiences w/Like-Minded Women

Travel solo but with a group! This is what we're known for. We are stronger together...

Explore a New City for the Weekend

Our SGS Wkn'd Getaways take the meaning of "Weekend Getaways" to a whole new level.

Save Money on Selected Getaways

When you become a member of SGS you automatically save hundreds of dollars on your luxury vacation.

Happy Tourist
We design experiences that embody the essence of meaningful travel...
Explore our 2023-2024 Destinations

Other areas we specialize in.

We curate vacations and experiences for couples, families and groups. Are you looking to create an unforgettable memory? Want your loved ones to feel special and immersed in the activities you envisioned? Reach out to us today! One of our team members is on standby waiting to relieve you from the stress of planning...

SGS Difference
The SGS Difference - Join the Club!
Choose the plan that fits your wanderlust spirit.
Image by Ryan Wilson
 SGS Luxury
Female members-only community who want the most flexible way for luxury travel
  • Share experiences with other curious like-minded women on one of our curated vacations

  • Travel with the President of the company, Erika Bradford 

  • Explore with a dedicated tour guide​

  • Become an A-Lister for our SGS Wkn'd Getaways

  • Members-only discounts

  • Cancel at anytime

(per member)
 SGS Priority
A blended community of singles, couples and families sharing the same vacation
  • Share experiences with other like-minded travelers on one of our curated vacations

  • Travel with a groups of families, couples and solo guests

  • Explore with a dedicated tour guide​

  • Be invited as a guest for our SGS Wkn'd Getaways

(per form up to 6-guests)
 SGS Pass
Choose your own path with one of our luxury vacations or create your own experience
  • Travel solo OR create your own group

  • Be your own tour guide and explore ​at your own pace OR book a professional guide

  • Have our team create you a personalized itinerary OR book one of ours*

  • Be invited as a guest for our SGS Wkn'd Getaways

(per guest)

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